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Why Us?

Why Choose RSS DiMed?

RSS DiMed understands that our clients require a system that helps them save time and money, and with the frustration that traditional RIS and PACS can cause, priority number 1 for RSS DiMed is to create a solution that is friendly to use and addresses the important components of saving time and money.

  • Improved Efficiency – RSS DiMed increases your overall efficiency with redundant data entry elimination and by offering a centralized management system for all of your clinic needs.
  • Flexibility on Time and Cost RSS DiMed is scalable, capable of growing with your clinic’s practice and working together with either an increase or decrease in volume.
  • Effective Communication RSS DiMed helps your clinic to improve on communication by offering an easy platform to incorporate medical data regarding your patient’s diagnosis.
  • Stable Security RSS DiMed provides your patients with peace of mind as their information will be stored on a secure and encrypted server, guaranteeing that their information will always be accessible.
  • Quality Reporting Platform The quality reporting functionalities that RSS DiMed’s system creates allows the technicians and physician with a solution that is easy to use, is reliable and helps to save time for both.