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RSS DiMed Services

RSS DiMed is a secure solution that allows a clinic the ability for reliable reporting of data, results and exams to properly manage, share, distribute and archive a multitude of medical imaging tests.

RSS DiMed allows you the opportunity to break away from a closed-end network that is not flexible and is expensive. With RSS DiMed, we offer all our clients the opportunity to save time and money. How do we do that you may ask? By offering them a competitively low-cost, flexible and secure system offering dedicated users with access towards critical data anytime, anywhere. The RSS DiMed goal along with helping our clients save time and money is to specifically integrate, with ease, into an existing solution and to optimize the current efficiency of the system in place.

  • View – The RSS DiMed system allows our clients the ability to effectively view data and images and to be able to interpret them from any access point through our reliable and trusted application.
  • Report – Once a client uploaded test data, they can be quickly and easily interpreted through our scalable and professional reporting system.
  • Distribute – The reports that are fully completed are then capable of easily being distributed to any recipients through email, fax, PDF.
  • Centralize – RSS DiMed allows all of its client’s exams to be accessible through our securely accessible website.